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Zeitschrift für Forschung und Praxis

Herausgeber: Köller, Olaf / Lewalter, Doris / Saalbach, Henrik / Walper, Sabine

Heft 2, 2014.

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DOI: 10.2378/peu2014.art10d
Sofie Henschel, Ellen Schaffner:
Differenzielle Zusammenhänge zwischen Komponenten der Lesemotivation und dem Verständnis literarischer bzw. expositorischer Texte
Differential Relationships between Components of Reading Motivation and Comprehension of Literary and Expository Texts

2014, 112-126

Summary: Studies on habitual reading motivation (RM) indicate positive relations between intrinsic RM and text comprehension. Extrinsic RM in contrast is not or negatively correlated with text comprehension. However, it is unknown on which sub-dimensions – in particular of intrinsic RM – these relationships are based and whether they apply to the understanding of literary and expository texts equally. Therefore, we examined in a sample of 1500 9th graders whether there are differential relationships between single subdimensions of intrinsic RM (object- vs. experience-related) and extrinsic RM (competition- vs. achievement-related) and comprehension of literary and ex-pository texts. Results indicate that both dimensions of extrinsic RM are negatively (competition-related RM) or not significantly (achievement-related RM) associated with comprehension of literary and expository texts. While object-related RM has equally strong positive effects on both types of text comprehension, experience-related RM is exclusively associated with literary, but not with expository text comprehension.

Keywords: Reading motivation, text comprehension

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